Welcome to Lemonade.Net

Lemonade.Net and our sister company Millennia Logix, Inc. provide Internet hosting and consulting services to Small and Medium sized Enterprises, Professionals, and Individuals.

We provide Internet hosting (web sites, e-Commerce, DNS, Email), and co-location services from our Salem, New Hampshire data center with direct fiber connections to the major Internet connection point in Boston.  We support many of the primary technologies used on the Internet today including PHP, MySQL, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft SQL Server and many other technologies.  We specialize in custom configurations to meet your individual circumstances when the big companies won't.

We champion many of the Web 2.0 technologies like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and DotNetNuke.  Many of our hosted web sites utilize these Content Management Systems which allow web site owners to edit their web content.  We are focused on technology and embrace new technologies as they emerge.  We recently started hosting a new technology called Orchard from Microsoft and are working with a customer to utilize Microsoft’s new LightSwitch technology.  We will install any of these packages for you as we setup your web site(s).  In addition, we will setup temporary web sites so you can build a new web presence while your existing web site continues to support your current visitors.

Our customers include regional financial institutions, medium and small sized enterprises, individuals, and non-profit organizations. From custom co-location serevices to shared hosting, and everything in between, we focus on making sure your Internet presence is up 24x365.  We focus on data center operations, network and server administration so you don't have to.  Every customer resource is backed up at least daily by our automated systems! Being able to recover from disasters is page one in our book. Ask your current hosting company how often your resouces are backed up? That is, if you can get a qualified technician on the phone! If you can get a technical person on the phone, ask them who is responsible to recover your web site or server from backups when the hardware fails? Many times the answer is you!  When you host with us and a failure occurs, we will probaly already be working on solving the problem by the time you realize something is wrong. That's our job!

The principals of our organization each have more than 30 years Information Technology experience including data center management, database administration, server-side and client-side software development, and web development.  Our skills cover many products including major open source initiatives and Microsoft technologies.

Lemonade.Net provides a variety of consulting services to help your business succeed.  We provide custom data feeds to web sites, synchronized hot spare web servers, and will consult with you to develop any configuration that you need to ensure your continued operations.  That does not mean we are experts at everything.  Many of our customers are independent web site designers. When appropriate we can suggest web designers and developers to help with your projects.